Premio Nazionale ‘Cronache del Mistero’

At 10 december I received in Ceccano (Lazio, Italy) the Italian price called ‘The Chronicles of the Mystery’, together with 12 other scholars from Italy and abroad, for my book ‘Il sorriso della Sirena’ (The smile of the mermaid. Journey trough the Etruscan labyrinth in search of the Goddess.). Below you can find my Italian thank-you speech.


Innanzitutto vorrei ringraziare gli organizzatori del ’Premio Nazionale Cronache del Mistero’ dal profondo del mio cuore perché hanno deciso di conferirmi questo premio. E’ un onore per me essere accolta nella cerchia di amici Italiani e stranieri, il cui lavoro in quest’ambito viene così riconosciuto. Questa primavera sono arrivata con Agnes ad Alatri per andare a vedere l’affresco del Cristo nel Labirinto. Era un incontro speciale. Non solo perché mi (meer…)

2016: a special labyrinth year

tragliatella3-12016 has been a special labyrinth year for me. It wasn’t my intention, but it just happened. I hadn’t planned to give many labyrinth workshops, needed my rest and wanted to ‘just’ travel through Italy, my motherland. But the labyrinth  – and its wisdom – crossed my path at unexpected moments. It started when I arrived in Canossa at the beginning of April. Much to my pleasure Matilda’s heart labyrinth was still laying there, under her famous castle. (meer…)

Het labyrint in de kerk

14606542_1682284041797120_2641451736832664731_nWil je met het labyrint aan de slag in je kerk? Luis Kaserer, geestelijk verzorger in Gouda en ikzelf hebben samen een studiedag ontwikkeld om je daarbij bij te staan. Op uitnodiging komen we die graag verzorgen. Ook alleen een lezing over het Christelijk labyrint is mogelijk, bijvoorbeeld als onderdeel van het pastoraal programma. Neem contact op via email als je op dit aanbod in wilt gaan.

Travelling with Michael 8, Northern Puglia

IMG_4387The story is by far not finished yet. After our departure from Monte S. Angelo we pay a blitz visit to Northern Puglia. Our first stop is Siponte, where we visit a beautiful white Longobardan church that just had been repaired, supported by Unesco. The church is famous because it was the Bishop of Siponte who was in the 4th century involved in the recognition of the apparition of Michael and the building of he Sanctuary on the mountain. (meer…)

Travelling with Michael 7, Monte Sant’Angelo.

IMG_4412After a journey of several hours in which we slowly descend into Puglia, we arrive in Monte Sant’Angelo, at the Gargano peninsula. It is extremely cold for this time of the year, and we are glad that we have been able to book two rooms in the beautiful Hotel Sant’Angelo, just across the entrance to Michaels Sanctuary. It’s an Italian holiday: the sanctuary is full of pilgrims, and Mass is being celebrated all day through. (meer…)