Travelling with Michael 7, Monte Sant’Angelo.

IMG_4412After a journey of several hours in which we slowly descend into Puglia, we arrive in Monte Sant’Angelo, at the Gargano peninsula. It is extremely cold for this time of the year, and we are glad that we have been able to book two rooms in the beautiful Hotel Sant’Angelo, just across the entrance to Michaels Sanctuary. It’s an Italian holiday: the sanctuary is full of pilgrims, and Mass is being celebrated all day through. (meer…)

Travelling with Michael 5, Ceccano: the Madonna of the Woods.

79DDE573-6705-43C6-B636-32CB5CE2BF4EDuring the following day we get some big surprises. We expected to go a church in the forest, but it all comes out differently. When we stop the car we are in awe for what we see. It is not a church but a small stone circle with huge stones. Stones like you find in Avebury and Stonehenge. This report is written by Agnes, since she worked most intensively with the energies on this spot. For more of her work see: (meer…)

Travelling with Michael 4, Alatri: meeting Christ in the labyrinth

13061986_1474195382605988_1268840003460133740_nOur next stop is Alatri, a medieval town with ancient roots, far away in history. Our intention is to visit the St. Francis Monastery, with a fresco labyrinth with Christ in the centre. We will be guided by Giancarlo Pavat, a friend from the international labyrinth movement, who was involved in the restoration of the labyrinth, and in the research that led to its interpretation. And what a moving visit it was… The labyrinth is sitting on a wall, seconded by a fresco that shows a lifted veil with ancient symbols of oneness: flowers of life, circles, branches, birds, spirals and circles, all in complete harmony. To me it seems as if they represent the alchemy of the soul on its journey towards the Divine. (meer…)

Travelling with Michael 3, Palestrina


wpe87We start our journey in an ancient feminine place, the Temple of Fortuna Primogenia in Palestrina, an hour drive south-east of Rome. During antiquitity there was an enormous temple here, built in seven layers on the pyramid shaped mountain that overlooks the valley below. Pilgrims were only allowed to go there step by step, and the top layer was reserved for priestesses who guarded the eternally burning fire: approaching and getting initiated into the Divine is always a long road to go. (meer…)