79DDE573-6705-43C6-B636-32CB5CE2BF4EDuring the following day we get some big surprises. We expected to go a church in the forest, but it all comes out differently. When we stop the car we are in awe for what we see. It is not a church but a small stone circle with huge stones. Stones like you find in Avebury and Stonehenge. This report is written by Agnes, since she worked most intensively with the energies on this spot. For more of her work see: www.moederaarde.eu

This was a natural temple from perhaps millions of years ago, probably from the Palaeolithic times. We leave the cars and approach the circle. In front is a, like I call it, Key Stone. Normally I would not feel the energy straight away, but now I do. It feels good and I even have the feeling I can see the energy at that spot. Like seeing three dimensional in a silvery light with moving particles. It feels like entering other dimensions

194742D6-9AEB-41F0-9BA3-0D87A6CE5DAFI know immediately that there are crossings of power lines here. Selma and I measure both female and male energies and also still points, with zero-energy. We continue a small overgrown path through the woods. At a certain moment we are confronted with a big wall of huge stones linked together. I feel some resistance and we decide to use our small sun and moon discs and my symbol of the flower of life to make a small altar, of course after having asked permission. Although I am not a singer, I know I have to bring in sound. So I sing a mantra from Tibet, which I have been taught a long time ago and which I have been using over the years during my travels. I can feel something shifting and even one of our two male friends gets the chills.

We continue our rough path. Sometimes we, Selma and I, need a male hand to overcome some height on those big stepping-stones. The stones become more overgrown. They have not completely shown their face and energy yet. Roberto who is with us, has worked on clearing the stones literally from all the mosses and earth and he says that he regularly comes here also to clear his mind and to feel connected with his own stillness.

IMG_3146Then another stone shows itself from a little distance, he has a face like a devil. I feel resistance again, but after acknowledging him and bringing him into the light, the energy changes. More and more faces come forward. They are living energies, who are waiting to share their stories and knowledge with us. They talk to us, but only when we ‘see’ them. I saw one who looked like a big skull. When we walk on I have to think of the dinosaurs and ask myself if they could have lived here. A few minutes later our guides tell us that indeed there was found evidence that they have been here.

Little did I know that my expectations of finding a little church in the woods would turn out to be this huge cosmic temple. My instinct tells me that there must be a connection with the other Sun and Moon temples on earth. Also that there was a divine timing on doing our “work” on this spot, as that morning of the 22nd of April it was full moon, even a Wesak full moon. In this enigmatic wood temple we connect at the right moment with the great cosmic portal in this time of big change…It feels like a miracle, but at the same time we know that it had to be like this. Nothing happens by coincidence…

After having lunch with our guide Giancarlo, we connect with a different kind of energy, namely the Roman energies, by visiting the castle in Ceccano. Also the Second World War played a role here and has taken lots of victims. From the centre of the little town you can only see an old tower and an entrance gate amongst the Italian houses. You can hardly imagine that there is this huge castle space behind the houses.

There are two entrance gates. We enter the one outside the centre, After a bit of climbing we find ourselves in a kind of court room. Our guides tell us that the noble family that built the castle managed for long to keep the territory outside the influence of the Church State. Remarkably for us one of their counts took at the end of the 13th century the initiative to build the Cisterzentian church and convent in San Galgano, north of Rome, near Siena. Again another silent thread on our Michaels journey becomes visible…

IMG_4333In the castle during the second world war prisoners were hold and they began to restore the frescos on the walls, one of them shows Jesus on the cross, with eyes wide open, and behind him a touching fresco of the Madonna. The energies are in one part of the castle very different from those in another part. A complete different energy also than that in the woods. I am told by my inner voice to do some clearance work, which I gladly focus on. I have the feeling that that was the reason we were brought here. Layers of stagnant energy were waiting to be released.

We finish our stay in Ceccano in a little Templars church, once called “The Little Lady in the Forest”. In the 13th century it stood in the middle of a forest, outside the medieval walls. Now the church is dedicated to S.Nicola, like we know him in Holland. He has a quite realistic statue inside the church. In some way we feel a connection between the stone circle and the Madonna in the Woods. Sanctuaries come in all forms and sizes, and you learn to perceive the connection between them once you can feel the energies. With this gift in our hearts we leave Ceccano, on the road to our next stop.