After tThe sword in the rock!he start of my journey in Torino the Michaelsline has unfolded itself before my feet (or let’s say the wheels of my car) in an extraordinary way. The main focus was the part south of Rome. But before my arrival there I visited some other places, and remembered some of the place where I have been before.

I took up the thread again in Porto Venere, with the beautiful black and white marbled church that overlooks the sea. Here the Apollo line touches the coast, after having crossed the sea from Genova on. It is obviously an ancient sacred place, once dedicated to the Goddess of the Waters. My journey continues through Sarzana, where they preserve in the Chiesa della Madonna Assunta an important relic: a piece of the Cross, imbued with the blood of Jezus. Nearby I visit the archeological remains of Luni, long ago a place of veneration of the Moon Goddess. The Michaels line is not crossing exactly on this place, but I remain struck by the vicinity of male and female sacred places. And then, behind the high Apennine Mountains I know – and can nearly feel – the presence of the Michaels sanctuaries in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and Barga. The latter contains – again – a beautiful image of a double tailed mermaid, and a huge sculpture of St. Christopher, the protective Saint of Barga. I am beginning to feel that I am weaving a female and male line through Italy…

This time I do not visit Lucca, Pisa and Volterra, important places on the Michaels line – not enough time – , but again I feel the presence of the images of Michael and the sirena on the important Sanctuaries there. The Etruscan sirena’s actually come from Volterra. And again I realise that they are all important cities in the story of Matilda di Canossa. Instead I decide to drive along San Galgano, the impressive round church south of Siena, where according to legend a knight of this name put his sword in the rock after coming back from one of the Crusades at the end of the 12th century. A beautiful circled ceiling with 22 brown and white circles is overlooking the sword. A prophecy tells that once a knight will arrive here who can open the sky with his sword, after which the Madonna will descend from heaven and bring peace to the world. I interpret it as a prophecy of the return of the Feminine Divine. The valley of San Galgano is a good example of how the earth might look like when this will happen: peaceful, fertile and full of healing energy. Many spiritual communities have settled here during the past centuries.

My preparation ends at the Lago di Bolsena. Again not on the Michaelsline but an important area for the history of this Archangel. In the legend of Cristina it was he who saved this female martyr when she was thrown into the waters of the Lake with a stone on her leg. Michael is still highly venerated in this area, amongst others in the Duomo di Cristina that is built on the place of an ancient temple of Apollo. Again the story of Matilda comes in, while it was she who brought the remains of Cristina from the Isola Martana – the female island in the lake – to Bolsena, after the famous meeting in Canossa. It is thè area of the Sacred Marriage, full of images of double tailed mermaids plus partners, as I discovered when writing my book ‘The smile of the Sirena’, and full of places dedicated  to Michael.

Driving to Fiumicino airport to pick up my friend Agnes van de Beek, with whom I will continue the journey southwards I realise how important it was that I touched the places that I have visited. It will enable us to draw the energy line from North-East to South-West. But it also makes me realise that it is not only the Michaelsline that we are following, but also the path of the Templars, and long before them the ancient pilgrims ways that are linking many Temples of the Sun and the Moon straight through Italy. These lines do not always coincide, but they are definitely connected. I feel prepared for the next chapter.