Etruscan landscapes

The Etruscan landscapes around the Bolsena Lake, in the area where Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria touch, is full of ancient sacred treasures. Remains of temples, tombs, ancient altars, sacred pathways, water sources and enigmatic symbols are all around you, often on surprising places in hidden valleys. Together they tell a timeless story of the journey of the soul – during its stay on earth and during its long cosmic journey.

60It’s an amazing story of the sacredness of the earth, of the connection between earth and heaven, of balance between the feminine and the masculine divine, and of regeneration and rebirth.

All this is connected in an elaborated sacred geography, that connects distant places, and establishes a link with the secrets of the cosmos. The Etruscans were masters in astrology: their priests and priestesses watched not only the alternation of the seasons, but were also famous for their art of prophecy.

The special thing about is that you can still experience its effects today. Walking and doing ceremony here is not only a beautiful addition to visiting the Etruscan treasures in the museums, it also makes your soul sing.

Walking here also gives you a new perspective on history: by visiting the special churches in the area you can learn how christian stories, rituals and symbols are often rooted in pre-christian cultures.

Below you can find some examples of places that are dear to my heart. Start your journey by clicking on the foto galeries. If you want more, scroll further down for publications and for the journeys that I offer you and your friends.

Sacred pathways

Near the Lago di Bolsena, especially around the ancient town of Pitigliano, you can find an extended network of hollow roads (Vie Cave), carved out in the rocks by the Etruscans and those who came before them. In their vicinity and on their walls you can find mysterious remains of temples, tombs, fountains, water channels and symbols that have an intriguing story to tell. The Vie Cave are ancient sacred pathways, built in times when the Earth was seen as the body of the Mother Goddess, and used as part of a system that connects her sacred places. An ideal place to start your soul journey!

Today still the Vie Cave provide a beautiful a opportunity for ceremonial walks, as part of an initiation into the story of the Earth Goddess. Going through them you make a continuous walk through the dark to the light, and vice versa. Here you get the chance to connect with the feminine divine within you. I have done it for years now, and it always has a healing effect on me, and on the persons that join me on the walk.

Take a look at the pictures below, and get enchanted!

Rock of the Egg

Below you see the Poggio del’Ovo – Rock of the Egg – a Neolithic altar near the beautiful town of Sorano. I  visited it right away the first time that I arrived in the area – and was immediately deeply touched. Since then I have been here many, many times. First and formost to connect with this enigmatic place and its ancient Goddess energy.

Then with friends to explore its secrets and to delve deeper into its meaning. Later on I started to bring individuals and groups here – as part of their soul quest. It inspired me to develop a beautiful ritual of rebirth – but this time from the body of the Goddess. I usually offer it in the initiation journeys that I guide through the area.

Bolsena Lake

And then there is of course the Bolsena Lake itself, once the sacred centre of the Etruscan culture, and still an ideal place to connect with your soul centre. Its most important ceremonies were held here on a yearly basis, and you still can see many traces. Its coasts and the surrounding hills contain numerous remains of temples and ancient altars. Most enigmatic, however, are the two islands, one male and one female by energy and history. Years ago my own soul journey got an enormous impulse here through a dream that told that this is the place where I am coming from. I could not do otherwise that coming here for a longer period. Many dreams have guided me here since then…

Etruskisch heilig huwelijk LouvreAs if protected by the Divine it’s all still reasonably intact, which makes it an ideal area for exploration and ceremony. At 21-12-12 I made a labyrinth here, to mark the birth of the new era. I can celebrate here with you the sacred marriage within, a crucial stage in our journey to oneness. The lake is also a highlight in my journeys in the footsteps of Matilda di Canossa.

I also provide tailor made visits, adapted to the themes and interests of my guests.

Monte Amiata and Monte Labbro

Two high mountains are towering over the area, the Monte Amiata and the Monte Labbro. From times immemorial they are sacred mountains. Both are carrying a very strong energy. All around them are sacred places, in the towns, in the beautiful forests and on the mountain tops. Churches, abbeys, ancient altars and enigmatic standing stones alternate each other.

Many times I have guided groups here. It’s an ideal area for making the connection between earth and haven, and in fact during the many centuries people here have done this. In 2012, at the occasion of the Venus Transit, I guided at the hour of sunrise a beautiful ceremony at at the Monte Labbro, to celebrate the arrival of new feminine energies on the earth.  To be continued…

Read my book on the area to learn more,

or contact me if you want to join me on a tour or a one-day walk in order to feel the deeper connection!


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“This magnificent refuge is inside you.
Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway…
Be bold. Be humble.
Put away the incense and forget
the incantations they taught you.
Ask no permission from the authorities.
Close your eyes and follow your breath
to the still place that leads to the
invisible path that leads you home”

St. Theresa of Avila