Seven stages

The seven stages of spiritual consciousness

The notion of seven stages

I first got acquainted with the notion of seven stages of spiritual consciousness when I got my initiations on the Inka path. They were initiations on the fourth level, that of transformation. Our teachers taught us that it is a universal schedule.

Afterwards I started to read authors of different spiritual and religious traditions on what they have to say about the seven stages, including the Book of the Apocalypse. I concluded that the number seven was mentioned in all of them, but that the way the stages were described differed considerably. I felt the freedom to design my own schedule of the seven stages, inspired by what I had read, but corrected by female spirituality, and by my own experiences. I described my schedule not so much as universal but as meaningful in the contemporary world. I started to lecture about my schedule: it confirmed me in its usefulness.

My version

Here I give you my denominators of the seven stages:

  • awakening
  • descending
  • serving
  • transformation
  • healing
  • enlightenment
  • union

A travel guide

I have elaborated my version in my book ‘Queen of the Vatican’ and more extensively in the last chapter of my book ‘La Sirena e il Volto Santo’. There I also describe how the Sirena might be of help on our journey along the stages.

The notion of the seven stages will continue to guide me in my spiritual work and my teachings on the spiritual path. I will come back on the topic in my blog